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k-idols ice bucket challange


Can we put together all vids in one thread? I begin.

SHOW Siwon - Super Junior object
Zhoumi and Sehun are nominated too.
BoA nominated T.O.P. (Bless her!), Simon& Martina were nominated by Amber. There is Roy Kim, Eric Nam and others for sure. Plus part of the Running Man people (Jaesuk, Jongkook, Kwangsoo, Haha).
Will Lee Soo Man donate or/and do the challange?

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kanginnim: everyone, please participate

kimheenim: This time, I am doing it after fully understanding the details. I was splashed twice so I will be donating 200 dollars. By doing this, hopefully more people will take notice of this. Good luck. The people I nominate to do next are ‘Teacher Lee Soo Man, Kim Young Min Representative, SNSD Leader Taeyeon’

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