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So I got bored and decided to read the news today….



i. A little grammatical errors today, but it’s ok. It’s not like it’s the Headline.

ii. Hmm, is the Sheriff ‘Investing’ or ‘Investigating’?

iii. I don’t even know…. 


I had no idea his name is Sheriff Jorge de La Cruz.
and to be very honest, Mr Enrique Lopez is a fantastic name for Teukie.

Everlasting County, ELF, Who’s Jorge Martinez.

Super Junior I love you because everything here makes me laugh and there’s never a day you fail to make me smile

140902 KTR :

  • Ryeowook:

    I liked Eunhyuk so much that it actually made Eunhyuk's friend donghae-ssi feel sad. I didn't even know donghae had such a feeling until one time he's got drunk and told me that " why you only take care of eunhyuk?" But it's not true. I'm very fond of donghae! Till then I knew that it could hurt someone's feelings when you tend to take another person's side

  • Cr:


  • Trans by:

    @sh85442 of @justhyukjaez

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